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The Heart Of Whitetail Country

Welcome to World Class Whitetails, where the thrill of the hunt is matched only by the beauty of the great outdoors. Our hunting camp is located in the heart of whitetail deer country, where you’ll have the opportunity to experience the ultimate hunting adventure.

At World Class Whitetails, we offer a range of hunting packages to suit every level of experience, from novice to seasoned hunter. Our expert guides will take you to some of the best hunting spots in the area, where you’ll have the chance to bag the trophy of a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-fueled hunting adventure or a peaceful retreat in the great outdoors, World Class Whitetails has something for everyone. Contact us today to learn more about our hunting packages and start planning your next adventure.

World Class Whitetail’s was an awesome experience, Brian is very informative and a great host.

Gordon Root

Our Property

Nestled in the heart of beautiful whitetail deer country, World Class Whitetails offers a truly unique outdoor experience. Our property spans hundreds of acres of pristine wilderness. It’s the perfect setting for an unforgettable hunting adventure or a peaceful retreat in nature.

Our comfortable lodge provides a secluded, rustic feel that’s perfect for getting away from it all. The lodge is fully equipped with all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay.

But the real beauty of our property is outside the front door. Our expert guides will take you to some of the best hunting spots in the area, where you’ll have the chance to see whitetail deer and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

Come experience the beauty and thrill of World Class Whitetails for yourself – contact us today to learn more about our hunting packages and start planning your next outdoor adventure.

Our Lodging

We believe that comfort and relaxation are just as important as the thrill of the hunt. That’s why we offer cozy, comfortable lodging options that will help you recharge your batteries after a day out in the field.

Our Meals

Our talented chef takes pride in creating meals that are both hearty and satisfying, with a focus on comfort food favorites and dishes that reflect the unique flavors of the surrounding wilderness.

Our Hunt

At World Class Whitetails, we offer world-class hunting for all skill levels. Our expert guides are intimately familiar with the land and habits of the deer, helping plan the perfect hunting trip for you.


The Process

Plan Your Hunt

We offer seasonal hunting only. Packages range from 3-5 days and range from mid September to mid November. Our expert guides will work with you to plan the perfect hunting adventure, taking into account your skill level, preferences, and goals. We’ll help you select the best dates, choose the right gear, and make sure you’re fully prepared for the hunt ahead.

Hunt with Confidence

Once you arrive at our hunting camp, we’ll take care of everything you need to have a successful hunting experience. From providing you with comfortable lodging and delicious meals to leading you to prime hunting locations and offering expert guidance on tracking and stalking deer, we’re here to ensure that you feel confident and prepared as you head into the field.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

After a successful day of hunting, we’ll help you dress and process your deer, ensuring that you leave with high-quality meat that’s ready for the table. And with our comfortable lodging and beautiful property, you’ll have the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day in the field, reflecting on your hunting adventure and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

World Class Whitetails is a 5 star hunting resort! World class staff, chef and philanthropic owner who cares about his guests and their experience!
Don’t hesitate, visit for an experience of a lifetime! Scouts Honor!!

Scout Master



Comfortable Lodging

Our lodge offers comfortable and cozy accommodations to help you relax and recharge after a long day of hunting.

Delicious Meals

We know that a successful hunting trip requires plenty of fuel, which is why we offer delicious, home-cooked meals that are sure to satisfy.

Expert Guides

Our experienced guides are intimately familiar with our property and the habits of whitetail deer.

Heated Blinds

Heated blinds, Single and Double tree stands to accommodate gun and bow hunting.

Processing and Packaging

We offer professional processing and packaging services to ensure that your meat is handled safely and efficiently.

Scenic Views

Our property boasts stunning views of the surrounding pristine wilderness.

Fire Pit & Outdoor Seating

Our fire pit and outdoor seating area provide the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day of hunting.

Wi-Fi Access

Stay connected during your stay with our complimentary Wi-Fi access.

On-site Shooting Range

Our on-site shooting range is the perfect place to practice your marksmanship and get ready for the hunt ahead.

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